What makes one rich?

Choose whether you’d want to be the MASTER or the SLAVE.


What Are the Six Must-know Tips in Getting Rid of Debt?

If getting rid of debt is as easy as declaring that you no longer want it in your life and then it’s totally gone, then what a wonderful world this would be. But this is not the case, in fact, as the song goes, “Saying goodbye is never an easy thing…” I believe the line…

How to save on your MERALCO bill the way we did

Our Meralco bill was delivered just a few days ago. Normally, we don’t look forward to opening the envelope but, on that day, our family found a  reason to celebrate. Hurray coz our usual bill of 5,000+ pesos has now gone down to just 3,407.49 pesos. The amount we saved was sort of deliberate. I…