The Pinoy ‘Alkansya’: Teaching Pinoy Kids the Value of Saving Money at an Early Age

One of the crucial lessons that parents can impart to kids is financial responsibility. The sooner we begin teaching this lesson, the better. Just like insurance or any kind of investment, the earlier you start, the greater the reaped benefits would be.

Filipinos know how hard it can get to earn ample money, what with a good percentage of our population even sacrificing to go abroad just to earn more for their families. The sad part is that most OFW (overseas Filipino worker) parents do not involve their children in any financial decision making thinking that they are shielding their kids from heartaches.

We Filipinos don’t seem to bother our children with the rigors of budgeting and financial management and this is just plain wrong.

Pinoy parents can introduce their kids to money management as they give daily allowances. We can then teach them about the value of saving a portion of that allowance so they can save for something that they can use in the future.


coin bank 1
‘Saw these bamboo coin banks in front of the SM City Santa Rosa entrance. What better way is there to teach Pinoy kids to save than through bamboo alkansyas?

We have the alkansiya (coin bank) to help us jump start this lesson. Make this tool an instrument of joy, not torture.

Before you even begin to teach about investments and how they can earn double, triple or even quadruple their money, you must begin by instilling in them the habit of saving regularly. As soon as they learn to control their spending habits, then you can level up on the lessons.

If you’re curious about how bamboo alkansyas are made, then watch this YouTube video with your kiddos.


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