How to Save Money through the Pinoy Lunch Box Method

In the Filipino culture, mothers are often the ones who are given the role of being the finance managers. Since we are the ones who are in charge of dispensing the family’s income, we have a great responsibility to dispense with these monies properly.

One of simplest ways to save money is to practice the so-called lunch box method. This is when we pack our kids’ and spouse’s baon.

Just think about this, how much would an average office worker spend for his lunch? One famous fast food company sells their 1-piece chicken meal at 143 pesos. That comes with a regular-sized beverage, one cup of rice, and a single piece of chicken.

If you choose to eat in your office canteen or a carinderia, then you’d probably spend 60  pesos for the rice and viand and then about 15 pesos (I guess) for a bottled soft drink. So the cheapest carinderia meal could be 75 pesos or more.

You can save about 75 to a hundred pesos each day if you choose to take packed lunch to work instead. And if you do the same with your spouse and your kids, then you’ll save much, much more.

While I have been discussing how to allocate allowances and budgets in my past blogs, the thing is, saving money is not all about putting it in an envelope and eventually spending it. More than anything, saving is knowing how to get the most value for your money, in this case, choosing to eat homecooked meals instead of the readily-available and oft-unhealthy-versions of lunch.


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