Why Your Financial Advisor Should Be Your Best Friend

My dear Pinays, I know that our recent blogs have been a little heavy because we spoke of budgeting systems and investment tips. Indulge me a bit more because this lengthy advice will take us to a much better financial plane. Henceforth, we’ll go back to household tipid tips that can help us make ends meet.

For today, let’s know why a financial advisor should be your friend – if not your best friend.

Not a lot of people think of investing their money more so when they amass a huge amount of wealth and their monetary situation becomes a lot more complicated. These are the very areas where professional financial advice will truly help.

An expert financial adviser has ample training as well as insight in –

  1. 1. Understanding your present situation, financial objectives, and reasons for investing
    2. Developing a financial roadmap with you
    3. Preparing you for important events in your life
    4. Creating investment strategies that meet short and long-term needs
    5. Understanding the market
    6. The primary step in the creation of an effective investment plan is to sit down and work with your chosen financial adviser. Through him, you should be able to understand and finally make an informed decision about what you would want to accomplish with your portfolio.

This financial expert will help you identify what is important, develop the right attitude towards investment, allocate assets, and sort out your financial issues.


The financial adviser should also help you construct an investment plan so that you can maintain the direction that you would want your money to go. Also, you need to learn discipline so that this expert can help you reach your investment goals.

A financial adviser is there to ask you the right questions about your probable investments, your time frame, the returns as well as the risk that you are comfortable with. It is her duty to periodically revisit your set investment plan to make sure that you are still on track. If not, she is there to make the necessary adjustments.

There are only two types of financial advisers – the independent ones and the tied ones. Independent advisers – as their title implies – work on their own and they provide various products coming from the market.

Tied financial advisers supply their companies’ products which make them experts as they have targeted goals as well as a keen understanding of the financial vehicles that they are offering.

Know that throughout your life, you will encounter varying financial needs. Strategies that prove effective at one time may no longer be applicable a few years from now. Think of your financial adviser as a coach, even better, a best friend.

She can help you in all ways possible to achieve your life’s goals and aspirations.


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