5 Glaring Reasons To Speak with a Financial Advisor

For a lot of Filipinos, it is easy to procrastinate the day that they sit down and think about their financial goals. Most of them believe that they are too young; some argue that they deserve to enjoy their earnings and so they go about spending like crazy, and many simply do not care.

A small percentage of folks have the money in their pockets but do not know how to make it grow. In all these circumstances, a financial advisor is of optimum importance.

Filipinos have this false notion that they would need a lot of money just to get a few minutes of financial advice. Now, the question is this – if financial advice were given for FREE would you want one?


You are sure to make a difference (even just a small dent) on your money-handling skills if you learn to create a comprehensive financial plan – there is just no other way. Statistics have proven that 53% of consumers feel more confident about their finances as they learn to manage their money. Compared to non-planners, they are simply living a more secure life.

Pinay mommy or career woman, it is time to talk to a financial advisor once you experience any of these –

You Just Got a New Job

This is that group of people which was mentioned who think that they are too young to begin planning. Financial literacy best begins while you are yet young. It is crucial to learn personal budget, how to pay down debts, and how to create goals such as purchasing a new house.

You Just Got Married

Getting married means living with a person with a different financial upbringing. You need to reconcile any spending or saving habit differences if you want to stay afloat in your married life.

The need to sit down with a financial advisor doubles as your family grows.

You Just Got a Large Sum of Money

Did you just receive your inheritance? Have you just cashed a big check? Whatever significant event happened that made you earn a huge amount of money should drive you to consult a professional.

If you want to learn to manage the money before it disappears, then you have to understand how to use it to further your financial goals.

 You Are About to Retire 

Only 37% of baby boomers are totally confident about their retirement plans – some simply have none. A financial advisor can help you figure out how much you should allocate for retirement and the adjustments that need to be made in order to meet your new goal. Those who work with a financial advisor learn to create a retirement savings objective compared to all the others who remain clueless.

You Are Retired

After decades of building up your life, you are now in need of a strategy to draw down the funds that you have so that you will not outlive whatever money you have left.

A licensed financial advisor should be able to give you sound advice on how to have a sustainable asset base so that you will always have money.


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