How I wish the Philippines also had this –

This machine can be seen in every grocery shop in Norway. Now isn’t that just amazing? Wouldn’t it be nice to bring your PET bottles and soft drink cans to the mall and be able to exchange them for cash? It isn’t just environment-friendly, this activity will also put back some cash into our pockets….

Do Pinoy Kids Know the Value of Hard Work?

I have kids who work hard to ‘earn their keep”. How about you?

The Daily Allowance – What’s in it for every Pinoy kid?

Many experts favor giving kids an allowance beginning at the age of five so he/she can learn the value of money at an early age. Whether this is applicable to the Filipino home is beside the point. The earlier that moms and dads can train their kids to handle money, the better. The more relevant…

Savings Comes First

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